Specialty Tours

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These day expeditions can be added into any of our Pilgrim Tour itineraries, or create a unique stand-alone experience for you and for your group. Let us know what grabs your attention and we’ll make it happen.


  • Desert Camping will give you a rare insight into the exotic views of the desert skies as you camp, eat, and sleep as the Bedouins do among the sand dunes of southern Israel.

  • Camel and horseback rides allow you to experience the mystic southern wilderness and the wide open Golan Heights as the ancients did, absorbing the tranquility and magnificence of the Land from the saddle.

  • Israeli Army Training with elite commanders who will teach you the art of hand to hand combat techniques, shooting, and how leaders are made.

  • Rappelling, free climbing, and zip-line adventures in the Galilee or the Golan Heights (with certified professionals) will change the way you think about Israel for the rest of your life.

  • Jeep excursions to the northern frontiers or to the colorful desert craters will let you experience Israel as few do, off the beaten path.

  • Culinary experiences introduce you into the delicious melting pot of cultures and cuisines in Israel. You’ll pick up fresh produce directly from the open Jerusalem market, discover the hidden gems, sample the freshest cheeses, tastiest olive oil, the most decadent halva, and pick the most colorful vegetables for our cooking demonstrations and meals. Leaving the chaos of the city behind, we’ll travel to the hills overlooking Jerusalem and, under the guidance of local chefs, start the workshop in the “field kitchen.” Lighting the fire and heating the ovens, each will lend a hand in preparing salads, appetizers, entrees, and dessert to contribute to our feast. Bon appetite!

  • Parasailing, Paragliding, and Parachuting over the Mediterranean Sea or the Lake of Galilee are experiences of a lifetime for either beginners or the experienced.

  • Scuba dive or snorkel in Israel’s internationally renowned Red Sea resorts, or explore under water caves and marine archeology in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Hot-air balloon or Helicopter rides offer you a bird’s eyes view of the stunning landscapes and colorful vistas of Israel from above.

  • Hiking in Israel lets you see and feel the Land in close-up. Enjoying a morning hike by the Mediterranean Sea or a sunset outing on the walls of Jerusalem, you will experience the magic first hand.

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